Reproduce the Wedding of Si La people in "Common Home"

(LVH) - For the first time, Si La people, one of the ethnic minorities of the community of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam came from Seo Hai mountainous village, Can Ho Commune, Muong Te District, Lai Chau Province to join in the activities on the occasion of National Day 2/9 at "Common Home" and reproduce the traditional wedding of their people in the morning on 06/09/2015 at the house space of Si La people, Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi).

Offerings prepared for the wedding include: 1 chicken, 2 bowls of steamed glutinous rice, 2 eggs, 1 bottle of wine, 1 cup of water, 1 precission scale, 1 necklace and 5 silver coins.
In the early morning, the matchmaker represents groom's family to come to bride's house for offering marriage and choosing wedding day. The matchmaker represents groom's family to tell the girl's mothers: “Today is a good day; big boys marry wife, big girls marry husband; you two are adult now. You two have felt in love for a long time, now I come to discuss to you for choosing the date of offering marriage and organizing their wedding, whether you agree or not”. Bride’s mother says: “Your family chose such good day then let’s do like that”.
After offering the marriage, the groom's younger sister and bride's friends come to take the bride to go to say goodbye with people in the village, she cries while going. Then, they take the bride into the forest for the ceremony of entering the groom's family.

The bride on the way to the groom's house

In the early morning, people return from the forest going into a horizontal line, the bride goes in the middle then stops when reaching the groom's house. At this time, the powwow tells the groom and his mother preparing rituals including a grilled chicken, a boiled egg, a packet of steamed glutious rice, a bowl of waterand a spoon to report to the ancestors. The powwow says: “Dear ancestors, today is a good day, our family officially gets a new member, from now on, she is the bride of his family, we hope that ancestors will support and grant”.

Ritual that groom's mother giving bride the bracelet and necklace in wedding

Next, groom's mother brings the bride a necklace, a bracelet and a new dress. She helps the bride to wear the bracelet, necklace and says: “My family is very poor, I do not have any thing but this bracelet, necklace and tattered garments for you”.
Then everyone stands around for the bride changing her new dresses, wearing towels before the house. The groom steps out from the house, one hand holds steamed glutious rice, and another hand holds egg, the right hand makes cross the left hand to touch the bride's hand and takes the bride entering the house.

Everyone puts bride's hair in a bun and helps her wear the turban for people knowing that she had husband

The people attending the wedding sit around the tray, the powwow shreds chicken for bride eating and says: “Now you have been officially bride of this family, from now you must obey …” then the powwow turns to tell people that the procedures are done, you two are officially married, let's eat, drink and dance together.

Shaman carried out procedures for young couple

People and visitors from everywhere come to track and enjoy themselve into the wedding atmosphere, the traditional games of Si La people, this is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about unique cultural identities of Si La people, one of the ethnic minorities in 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.
Below are some photos:

The bride and groom in wedding

Everyone congratulates the happiness of young couple

Si La people play "đẩy gậy" game

Ethnic communities play traditional games in the house space of Si La people

Management Board of Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism and Si La people take the photos

Numerous visitors attend the wedding

 Hai Yen (Photo: Thu Loan)