Reproduce "Giế Khừ Già" rituals of Ha Nhi people atVietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

(LVH) - This morning, 09/05/2015, in village space of Ha Nhi people, Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi) Ha Nhi people from Huoi Luong Commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province reproduced “Giế Khừ Già” rituals, also known as “swing” rituals in Rainy season festival, pray for good weather, good harvest, prosperity for the family and village, this is one of the festivals with the unique cultural identities of Ha Nhi people.

To prepare for the ritual, people clean and plan the space intended for the celebration, put the swing up and prepare rituals. In "Giế Khừ Già" rituals, people kill pork for the rituals, in which, the meat is uncooked including pig head and meat ...When killing pigs, pay attention to leave the liver as it is, this gallbladder still be involved in this liver and will be put up on the offerings tray for the powwow considering. The consideration of pig liver will let powwow knows bad or good omen to the family and mountainous village in the year.
Offering include: pig head, meat, rice cake, boiled eggs, white wine, bowl basket, salt, rice, chopsticks, cups of wine and some items such as bamboo tray, bamboo culinder, banana leaf, swing and drum ...

Before the rituals, people prepare the offerings, put the offering tray before the swing

According to the concept of Ha Nhi people, on rainy season festival in this year, if the killed pig is heavier than killed pig of the previous year, then the business of village in this year will be prosperous than in previous year. If it is not like the intention, they would still say that the killed pig is heavier than killed pig of the previous year, for all the good wishes and development to families and mountainous village.

People in mountainous village are in correct and showy clothing attending the rituals. H'mong people also come to attend

The powwow must be elected by the villagers, usually, the powwow of the year has earlier prayed that villagers are healthy, business and livestock are developed and crops are abundant.

The powwow (on the left) are fortune telling on pig liver

When offerings prepared, the powwow guides people to arrange offerings tray to offer to the gods. The tray is placed beside the swing. The powwow will conduct fortune telling on pig liver, then, the powwow prays the gods, vows content is that: “Today is a good day, the first snake day in July, according to the rules that forefathers left for us, we have pigs, eggs, steamed glutious rice, rice cake and wine to offer to the gods, the souls of ancestors of Ha Nhi people for support for your children to have good crops, good livestock and good health for the bigger rituals of rainy season in the next year”. All villagers prostrate under the powwow.

The powwow takes the food on offering tray then place on the board of the swing

After praying, the powwow unties in the board of the swing then take the food on offering tray placed in the board of the swing, take a little from each type then swing and swing again three times by hand for the bad shall be swept away, the good shall be brought back.

The powwow prays while swinging

Then powwow goes to the board of the swing, he prays while swinging. The powwow and hosts drink wine to wish themselves well first, and then wish villagers well.

The powwow and hosts drink wine to wish themselves well first, then wish villagers well

Villagers drink blessing wine

Finally, all people together drink wine, sing folk songs to wish each other, drum, dance, sing, play swinging and folk games.

Be divided a part of fortune

Traditional entertainment and drumming

Hoang Huyen (Photo: D.Loan)