To gether with H’mong people celebrate National Day

(LVH) –In the morning on 2/9/2015, within the framework of of activities to celebrate National Day 2/9at "Common Home" of ethnic communities of Vietnam, in the first time, H’mong people from Lai Chau Province celebrated the National Day at the house space of H’mong people,Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi).

In addition to the Lunar New Year and Gau Tao Festival, the National Day of H'mong people in Lai Chau is one of the biggest festivals in the year. As usual, after the success of August Revolution in 1945, on annual 01/09 and 02/09, H'mong people are excited to celebrate the National Day.
This year, H'mong people and artisans from Lai Chau Province organized National Day together with ethnic people of Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La atVietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

Ritual leader performed the rituals of report ancestors on the organization of the National Day

In the house space of Hmong people, Ethnic Villages Zone I, after cleaning the house and altar, sticking the paper on altar, cooking steamed glutious rice and making types of cake, the ritual leader hugs the rooster going to before the house to inform people about the organization of National Day. Ritual leader prays by H'mong language, reports and invites gods of 12 families of H'mong people to "celebrate" National Day.

Ritual of sticking chicken feathers to the “bản” paper on the altar

Next, the ritual leader uses 3 pieces of feather from the chicken neck to dip in the bowl of blood of such chicken to stick to the “bản” paper on the altar then pours 3 cups of wine on the altar to invite house ghosts (ancestors and grandparents).Boiled chicken is placed on the tray and the steamed glutious rice, buffalo meat hung on smoking shelf... are placed before the altar and ritual leader pray to invite the ancestors to "celebrate" National Day, support for descendants to be healthy, study well, support for crops to be abundent, support for villagers living to be prosperous and happy.Ritual leader puts the incense into the house corner, compartment door and the doors in order that the house is steadily protected by ancestors.

Ritual leader invites ancestors and grandparents to "celebrate" National Day

Ritual of burning "bản" paper in the columns, house corners, doors to drive evil spirits away and the risks of ritual leader finishs. Ritual leader takes down offering tray, invites family members, relatives and visitors drink and enjoy fortune together.

Ritual of putting the incense into the door corner, column corner of ritual leader

Ritual leader invites family members to drink and enjoyforune

Then H'mong people flock to go down the highland market, exchange performances and participate in folk games ... with ethnic communities of Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La.

H’mong people flock to go down the highland market to celebrate National Day


Thu Loan