Cham’s Pang Kate Festival in “Common House”

(LVH) - Păng Katê (or called Father Festival) is the largest folk festival of Hinduism Cham and Cham People hold in the early of lunar July annually to express greet attitude to the gods who were born human being and things, as well as commemorate the national heroes of the country and pray for human being and things living in peace.

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In the morning of 17th February, 2014 in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, Hinduism Cham is from Binh Thuan recreating Kate Festival with the rituals.
Kate is a kind of Totem belief of Hinduism Cham People that is formed in a long time. In the old bibliography of Cham People, Kate is mainly formed from agricultural civilization factors. After ending a abundant crop and starting agricultural seasons, Cham People organized a Thanksgiving ritual for Emperor Shen Nong and people who created the world in order to express its respect and the national heroes as well as pray for human being in a peaceful life.
Previously, Kate was only held within 01 week called a first ten years of a month and some Cham’s villages in Binh Thuan currently organizes Pang Kate Festival in 02 weeks (for positive expression) before the full moon.
According to Cham’s yin-yang theory, besides Father Festival, Mother Festival called Chabul is also taken place in September after the full moon – lunar phrase (for negative expression). They believe that it is the survival rule of the Creator and the source of human being.


Master is worshiping 

The offerings for the worship include 01 Hala (betel tray), rice, alcohol, meat, fruits, cakes and other products of Cham People in Binh Thuan. After the preparation and decoration, Master will worship, pray and make obeisance to invite kings and gods to enjoy offerings. At the same time, Vo Master sings (Po Dara tone) and beats paranung drum with yin and yang dance and people clap to the beat of paranung drum, creating cheerful atmosphere because they think their festival has been granted.


Master and ceremony team invite kings and gods to witness sincerity and enjoy offerings 

After the ritual are the parts of Kate festival with typical songs and dances of Cham people.


Paranung drum and Saranai clarinet are music indispensable instruments in Cham’s festival 

As the best special folk belief in cultural treasure of Cham People, Kate Festival kept the aesthetic values of Cham culture expressed the offerings, clothes, music instruments and beautiful words and ideas of the hymns and dances containing traditional nature in survival rules.
This is an opportunity for the participants enjoying folk songs and dances with boys’ and girls’ unique style in Ginang drum and Saranai clarinet.
Kate Festival is a proof for the richness and diversity of culture treasure of the Vietnam’s peoples.

H.Huyen - Ba Ngoc - N.Binh