Ba Na people held the Pray for peace at Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

(LVH) - In the morning of November 22nd, 2014 at Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, in the framework of “ASEAN great unity - One vision, one character, one community” Days, Ba Na ethnic artisans of Kon Tum province held the pray for peace, one of its unique traditional festivals.

Pray for peace is usually held around in November, December in the calendar year after harvest. With pray for peace, Ba Na people of Kon Tum province pray for health; a prosperous life, free from war, disease, misfortune and calamities to villagers; peaceful villages and an abundant crop. Immediately after arriving in “Villages” on November 19th, 2013, to prepare for Pray for peace, 25 artisans from Đak Wok village, Ho Moong commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province started preparing New Year’s trees, fires and clearing the yard, etc.

Beside New Year’s trees, tools prepared for the pray for peace included: a knive, a shield, a basket, an effigy, a copper pot, a basket for containing tools. Offerings are: wine jar, a Dot leaf, a goat, etc. After New Year’s tree was erected, the master (Artisan A Thut who clearly understands the customs of Ba Na people and has a prestige in the community) held a shield and a knife; two other people dressed as representatives for evil forces; of which one wore a phoenix on his head and one dressed an effigy. They were followed by two young women holding a Dot leaf in their hands. Gongs team and villagers also followed. The whole people team walked around the New Year’s tree with a tied sacrificial goat and danced and beat gongs. Afterwards, the master performed “yang” reporting rituals for pray for peace, prayed for blessings, driving demons and diseases away, etc. Next, the master performed goat sacrifice rituals for blood to worship yang. After rituals, the master danced the shield, led the whole team to perform gongs around the village to driving evil spirits away, etc. The master went and howled at the same time, showed the villagers location of ghosts to chase them away. Gongs repeatedly emerged in the master’s howling; the people team pulled out of the village gate and came back on the ceremony yard.

After worshiping yang, goat sacrificing, chasing evil spirits was all gong dancing performances along with traditional “xoang” dance of Ba Na people. The master invited tourists to enjoy jar wine along with artisans.

Lots of tourists enjoyed a traditional festival with identity of indigenous peoples in the Central Highlands in the center of Hanoi carried out by them.


Preparing a New Year’s tree for Pray for peace
A sacrificial goat was tied under the New Year’s tree
The master prepared offerings
Ceremonial led villagers bringing offerings along them
  Tourists participated in the ceremony
 Villagers performed “xoang” and gongs dance around the New Year’s tree
 The master danced with shields and drove the evil forces away
 Villagers danced in the festival

  Dao Loan