Lu ethnic village

Lu ethnic village - Villages of Ethnics I- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

Living place of Lu people- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: DK

Lu ethnic village in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism has area of 0,12 hectare, in which the construction area is 88,83m2, including one stilt house and one barn.
Lu’s ethnic village is located on the hillside. The direction of the house is down the field, turns their back to the mountain. Each village has the land to farm and feed animals and forest for grazing and taking timber.
Lu people live in stilt houses with the area of 81,29m2. The roof is covered by cottage; the front and rear roof are extended down to cover parthouses and stairs. The house includes one door toward the northern west and two roofs in the gable are quite sloping. There are five raw of horizontal piles and three raw of cross piles in the house. The house is divided into two spaces; one space is used to make bedroom. The sleeping places for members are clearly regulated; parents sleep near the altar of god and then in turn children as first-born child, second-born child and unmarried daughter will sleep in the outer space. There are two fires in the house; one is for cooking daily, another is for boiling water when receiving guests.