Ma ethnic Village

Ma ethnic Village - Villages of Ethnics II - Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

Ma people’s house- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: DK

- Construction area: 4.989m2
- Construction work area: 252m2
- Floor area: 504m2
Consisting of:
- 03 Stilt houses: total construction area: 234m2
- 02 granaries: total construction area: 18m2
Ma people’s house is the long stilt house. This is home of many households of several generations in a family. Formerly, each long house is the residence of a branch of the family.
In a long house, the number of stairs is arranged according to the number of doors, a small floor for a staircase. At the door, the roof is curved to facilitate travel. Normally, each household owns two compartments of which the middle the stove is located in and food and supplies on the stove. The roof is thatched with rattan (a kind of leaf for roofing - pv).
► Granary: Ma people’s granary is also a small stilt house behind the house.