Hre ethnic village

Hre ethnic village - Villages of Ethnics II- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

The houses of Hre people in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: TTD

- The construction area: 9.110m2
- The construction work area: 192m2
- The floor area: 384m2
In which:
- 02 stilt houses: total construction area: 168m2
- 02 grannies: total construction area: 24m2
- Betel garden: 400m2
- Cinnamon garden: 400m2
The house is stilt houses with the slope roof, two lean-tos as a living place for a small family.
The living space is well-aired; two gable spaces are empty and no wall. One gable space is used to receive guests and near the sleeping space for men. Another is used to weave fabric and pound rice. It is near the sleeping space for women.
There are always two fires in the house, including one main fire and one sub fire. And sub fire is for guests to smoke and heat. The house involves at least three stairs. Two stairs always lie in two lean-tos. The roof is covered by cottage or rattan with the great slope.