Co Tu ethnic village

Co Tu ethnic village – Ethnic villages area II – Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.
- Construction area: 3,877m2
- Construction work area: 165m2
- Floor area: 330m2
- 02 stilt house: total construction area: 112m2
- 01 communal house: construction area: 53m2

Co Tu village at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Feature: DK

Co Tu people house is stilt house, sloping roof, having two lean-tos like turtle shells. Each household has a fire, living space in a house is not strictly regulated, households usually sleep around their own fire.

Unique architecture – Co Tu people’s Moong house.Feature: DK

Co Tu people’s house can also have auxiliary spaces made as storage or sleeping place, these auxiliary spaces whose floors is usually higher than the main house. The house can have one or many stairs, in a stilt house where there is number of doors depending on house’s length, each door is arranged one stair. Co Tu people’s house, whose stairs can be located four sides.

Co Tu people’s house roof has large slope, mainly covered by thatch, la Heo, rattan leaves.