Co Ho ethnic village

Co Ho ethnic village – Ethnic villages area II - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

Co Ho ethnic village at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism . Feature: DK

- Construction area: 5,314m2
- Construction work area: 198m2
- Floor area: 396m2
- 03 stilt house: total construction area: 198m2
Co Ho people’s house: stilt house and soil house: Depending on resident area and farming practices of Co Ho people can build stilt house and soil house. However, for the origins, Co Ho people’s house only use stilt house.
Traditional house of Co Ho people is stilt house, sloping roof, resident place of a lot of households under many generation in a family. Usually each long house is resident place of one branch of a family.
The house includes 7 spaces, the main space, located in the middle of the house is worship, common activities and is to organization community activities, etc. In the long house, each household is divided separate space, having individual kitchen and over the fire where there is storage.
Co Ho house roof has large slope, covered mainly by rattan (one type of leaf to cover – BT), the material easy to find at Co Ho resident place.