E De ethnic village

E De ethnic village belongs to Villages of Ethnics II- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

E De Long House in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: DK

- The area of building: 6.977m2
- The area of construction work: 526m2
- The area of floor: 1.052m2
In which:
- 02 houses on stilts: The area of building: 156m2
- 03 granaries: Total building area: 18m2
- 02 charnel-house: Total building area: 40m2
The E De lives in long house and pitch roof which is the place of one or many households with some generations in the family. Each household has a separate fire; E De Long House always includes two stairs in gable end, the main stair for male, sub stair for female. In front of the stair is sedge mats in the floor (a welcoming lobby). The fire for guests is arranged near the main door on the left. Meeting space is on the right. On the side of sub stair is the family living space. It may be placed windows along two long walls.

The people act in “Village”. Photo: TTD

The slope of the roof is great. The roof is covered by cottage, roof sides are built by bamboo. For a long stilt house, the cottage roof is only set after the roof sides have been placed on the frame of the roof. For a short stilt house, the roof will be completed before putting it on the frame. Therefore, E De stilt houses have two crossbeam bars on a frame; each crossbeam bar is linked with piles and braces to make frame, one crossbeam of the roof runs as a zipper. The stairs are built from wood which can be a big plank or tree-trunk.
►Charnel-house: E De charnel-house is built by wood, bamboo with cottage roof and Kut piles and statues. The statues are diversified, which is human statues or statues of living tools in daily activities.