Cho Ro village

Cho Ro village – Ethnic village area III - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.
► Long House - main house: the area: 135m2, is stilt house and is the house with many generations, many families, each family stays a space. House area is located at the area of 693m2, surrounded by a fence, planted hemps. There is one main gate in front of the house and one sub-gate inside by the house. Around it, having drying ground, behind buffalo-shed, storage shed. 

Cho Ro fellow-citizens acts at Cho Ro village at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, etc. Feature: TTD

Main house consists of 9 rows of stilts column, having 1 space as porch. In front of the house with traditional wooden ladder, besides there is 1 scale wooden ladder for sightseeing. The whole house is made of column structure, rafter timbering, bridges, square timber, litography made of bamboo. It has 2 main doors and 6 windows.

... and reappear daily activities. Feature: TTD

 ►House: similar to long house, is the form of stilt, but is the house of one first generation of the first family, then, over time, it will be extended for the next generation.
►Buffalo shed: the area: 8m2, is constructed with wooden structured column system, rafter timbering, palm leave roof.
►Storage shed: the area: 8m2, is constructed with column structured system, rafter timbering, bamboo wattle wall, two-layer palm roof, compact ground bed, brick bundle, sliding door by bamboo wattle.