Mnong Ethnic Village

Mnong Ethnic Village belongs to Villages of Ethnics II - Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

An corner of Mnong Ethnic Village at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: ĐK

- Construction area: 2.857m2
- Construction work: 434m2
consisting of:
- 02 arch houses (tract houses). Total construction area: 276m2
- 01 Rlam stilt house, area: 138m2
- 01 Charnel-house: construction house: 20m2
- 10 Charnel-houses.
►House of Mnong people consists: house with no upstairs also called as tract house and stilt house of Mnong RLam group, this group lives in areas near Rhade people’s residence place. Structure of stilt houses of Mnong RLam group is the same as those of Rhade people but less sizeable.

Mnong people are weaving in their village at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: TTD

Typical house of the Mnong people is a long house with no upstairs- dome (curved roof), two lean-tos in gothic arch shape inhabited by one or more households of several generations in a family.
The house’s main compartment is “Thu hoi”, two main doors are arranged at two “Thu hoi”. House space is divided into two parts and a path in the middle, two sides is sleeping and living space of the households and parents (the masters of the big family) and each household has their own plank bed and living space and a fire. The fire is located in the middle of the aisle, the warehouse is located on the fire.
There are lots of objects which are tools and labor products hung near the fire or on the kitchen floor such as papooses, baskets, hoes, knives, corns, rice - the furniture for daily activities of Mnong people.
At doors, the roof is curved for convenience in travel.
► Charnel-house: Mnong people’s charnel-house is quite simple, has two sloping roofs are thatched with rattan without lean-tos.

...and participating daily activities in Village. Photo: TTD