Brau ethnic village

Brau fellow-citizens are adjusting house house area,... Feature: TTD

 Brau ethnic village under ethnic villages area II - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
- Construction are: 6.370m2
- Construction area: 215m2
- Floor area: 430m2
- 01 communal house: construction area: 55m2
- 03 houses on stilts: total construction area: 120m2
- 02 charnel-houses: total construction area: 40m2
- 10 tomb statuses
►Communal house:
Brau Communal house is the place organizing faith activities of community, etc. With features similar to Bah nar communal house, Brau Communal house has large roof slope, apex is narrowed, including 03 spaces, two long sides of arched shaped house.

... and activities and production at the Village. Feature: TTD

►Stilt house:
Brau house is stilt house, short, slope, the living place of small family. Brau stilt house does not arrange stairs at front place, arranged at gable on the house left, the fire is arranged middle space. Accommodation is always placed next to the kitchen. Next to the stairs to put water, washing yard, serving for daily activities.
Brau house is placed a stairs at the front place or a stairs at its lean-to as skirt roof to cover entrance hall.
►Charnel-house and tomb status:
Brau charnel-house is relatively simply constructed and decorated, its size depends on wealth and deceased. Tomb status is collected from the villages.

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