Cham village

Cham ethnic village is under ethnic village III - Ethnic villages area - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.
- Cham ethnic village at An Giang: 02 houses.
- Cham ethnic village at Ninh Thuan: 02 houses, 01 kitchen, 01 cattle coop.
►Cham village at An Giang
- House:
House 1: is designed in form of stilt house, the house for three generations: grandparents, parents and children.
The area: 181,63m2, including 2 main houses, related to each other through 1 common space as storage. Each house has private a porch, a roof made according to wooden structure, its head is covered fish scale tile. porch floor of 1.98m high. Porch all has handrail made of wood, the whole of two houses is made according to column structure, rafter timbering. A noticeable characteristic of Cham house at An Giang is wall covering made of wood linked beyond column system, especially large house has a row of columns at the middle for supporting the roof structure. 

Cham ethnic house at An Giang. Feature: TTD

Large house has 3 spaces, in which its largest space is used as living-room and 1 close space for sleeping place. The house has main doors to porch, 3 wickets to the house and 1 wicket without leaf directs toward kitchen. The house has 2 large windows and 8 small windows, the whole window has iron window. .

Cham fellow-citizens construct Wedding rite at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Feature: TTD

House 2: Are: 154,15m2, including 2 main houses, with 2 separate ways. Each house has a roof made according column structure, rafter timbering, its head is covered fish scale tile.
Large house has 1 main door to porch, 6 wickets and 10 windows.
Small house has 1 space, is kitchen area and auxiliary area, having 1 small door and 2 windows.

Cham ethnic group at Ninh Thuan. Feature: DK

►Cham ethnic village at Ninh Thuan:
- House: including parents house, grandparents house, behind it, having kitchen, buffalo-shed, cowshed and water-closet.
Parents house: the area of 50m2. Is the largest house in campus, is designed in form of stilt house, this is the house with 2 generations, parents and children. The house includes 4 spaces. 5 rows of columns in the form of house of stilts, rafter timbering, the wall covered by general natural soil, especially it has 2 roof-decks, superfloor has purlin post square timber, lithography made of tile shingle. The house has 2 large doors, 3 small wickets and 1 window. Cham house, which at Ninh Thuan has a feature different from Cham house at An Giang is wooden window 50x50cm high from roof to floor, surrounding porch creates discrete for internal activities.
Grandparents house: the area of 38m2. According to custom after transferring the right to take care of the family for the mature children, the parents, who now become grandparents will move to a smaller house, next to the big house in the campus.
Kitchen: 8m2, is designed secretly, specially with column system, rafter timbering, below is earth wall. High roof, palm leaves roof. There is a door, the door is wooden bamboo.
Cattle coop: the area of 8m2, having wood column structure, rafter timbering, palm leaves roof.

Minh Huyen