Ba Na Village

Ba na village under Ethnic village area II - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

A corner of Ban a ethnic group people at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism . Feature: TTD

- Construction area: 13,450m2
- Construction work area: 413m2
- Floor area: 826m2


- 01 high communal house: area: 82m2
- 01 Lower communal house: area: 84m2
- 06 houses on stilts: total area: 195m2
- 02 paddy storehouses: total area: 12m2
- 02 charnel-houses: total area of 40m2
- 30 tomb status.

► Ba na communal house includes 3 spaces, two long sides of arc shaped house, axe-head shaped roof, relatively arched roof ridge, has 4 closed roofs. roof slope is very large, apex is decorated by buffalo horn, together with leaf and sun shaped pattern fines, etc.

House of Ba na people at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. . Feature: TTD

► House: Ba na house is stilt house, slope roof, is the resident place of three households under multi-generation in a family. Each household has private kitchen, fire is placed in the house in direction far away from the stairs. Accommodation,, bedroom is next to fire. Two gables of the house in the direction of East, West: The space in the house is divided in three parts: Eastern part is for parents, Western part is for children, Middle part is for visitors. Ba na house is arranged a front stairs.

►Charnel-house: Ba na charnel-house has design area of 20m2, House body is made of wood, bamboo, neuhouzeaua, cottage roof, about from 2-2.5m, surrounding it, has a fence, on the roof with decorative valances, etc. Around the charnel-house, where it contains wood status. Ba na charnel-houses well as other works of Ba na people, its size depends on the wealth and status of the deceased.