Co village

Co village under village group II - Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

NLong stilt house of Co People at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism . Feature: DK

- Construction area: 3,560m2
- Construction work area: 612m2
- Floor area: 1,224m2
- 02 long houses: total construction area: 600m2
- 02 barn: total construction area: 12m2
► Long house:
Co people’s house is long – sloping stilt house, resident place of many households under the generation in the family. A long house consists of 4 stairs at four sides of the house. Two lean-tos at two gables are to get some fresh air, amuse, receive guests, etc. The middle space is worship and common living place and is to organize meetings, festivals, etc. In the long house, each household is divided separate space, separated by neohouzeaua wattle (half-way) to make sleeping place for children or pairs of spouse. In that separate space where there is an arrangement of individual fire. A remaining part a long with house is used men’s sleeping place and placed fire for guests warming, food, ration dry, etc. In the middle of house where large space is used for common activities of the whole family.
Co people’s stilt house is one of too few stilt houses in in South Central – Truong Son, Tay Nguyen has rather beautiful, solid and airy architecture.
►Barn: Barn has a structure as house, but there are two stairs at two gables. Barn wattle and floor is made by bamboo, neuhouzeaua, in addition the barn is lined by large leaves.