Gia rai ethnic village

Gia rai ethnic village belongs to Villages of Ethnics II- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

A corner of Gia rai village in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: TTD

Scale: Gia rai ethnic village has total area of 4900m2, including: one communal house, two long houses, one stilt house, two granaries and three charnel-houses.
- The construction area: 545m2
- The floor area: 1000m2.
►Communal house:
- Area 72m2.
- Along the roof is a triangular decorative strip with three colors- green, red and black. The symbol of the sun is placed in the middle to express abundance of the mountains, forests and their love to nature. The roof is built as a great axe tongue reaching to the sky, which represents martial spirit of the people in Central Highlands in general, and Gia rai people in particular. 

A stilt house – living space of Gia rai people. Photo: TTD

- 1stilt house: 75m2 area
- 1long house: 21m2 area
- 1 long house: 42m2
The house is divided into three spaces as living place of a family. In the middle of each space is a stove, and living tools in daily actives.
- 3charnel-houses: total area of 20m2.