Raglai Village

Ragali Village in the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

A view from the Raglai village in the area of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: ĐK

- The construction area: 4,631m2
- The construction work area: 225m2
- The floor area: 450m2
- 03 houses on stilts: the total construction area: 165m2
- 03 charnel houses: the total construction area: 60m2
- 10 charnel statutes
►Houses on stilts:
Raglai people’s houses are on stilts, the house floor is at the height of 1,4m -1,6m. The roof slope is about 60% with two wings.

Raglai people’s house. Photo: ĐK

The floor of Raglai House is the living place of the whole family. There is a ladder floor in front of house lower than the house floor about 40 cm. The ladder is made separated from the ladder floor; the position of erection is at the householder’s discretion. Beside, two side ladders can be installed at the two gable ends. The left wing is the open space (without partition) for woman to knit, talk and enjoy wind. The right wing is for woman’s embroidery and sewing, a corner is partitioned into a private room for the daughter when she reaches the marriage age.
Kitchen is placed in a house corner, nearby the ladder.
►The charnel house of Raglai people has a simple structure. The roof is similar with the living house.