H'Mong ethnics took horses to the Village and practiced horse racing

(LVH) - This morning, on the 13rd February 2014, the H'Mong ethnic group (Lao Cai) took horses to the organization place at horse racing yard, the central axis in the gate A of the Vietnam national village for ethnic culture and tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Ha Noi) and 16 horses expected to joy the race had a day to familiar with the terrain and the first road running here

This is the first time in the Vietnam national village for ethnic culture and tourism will organize the traditional horse racing festival of H'Mong ethnics (Lao Cai), with the expected number of 16 horses. From 13th February to the official festival day taking place (the first, 14h-16h00, on 15th February, 2014 and the second, 14h00-15h30, on 16th February, 2014), the horses will be familiar with the terrain and training. Before entering the official race, the horse owners will draw and play selection, compete first, second, third place...
Horse racing on the spring days is a specific culture of H'Mong ethnics to the North. It is organized to meet the people and tourist’s demands for joyness and exploring cultural characters, for reserve and develop the unique cultural tradition of H'Mong ethnics at common house
Here are some pictures

The H'Mong ethnic group coming to horse racing yard, survey and exchange the way of organization 
Especially, the horse racing at the ‘’Village”” with the appearance of a 3 year horse wining the first place at the Bac Ha (Lao Cai) 
The race expected to bring to people and tourists with interesting experience