The images of visitors to “Village” participating the “Festival Week”

During the “Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week” from 18th to 24th November 2013 at Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism, there were thousands of visitors to “Village” and attended the event. Here are some photos of visitors from the event:


Numerous audience attended the art programs in the opening ceremony of Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week at the Square of Village II ...


... and visited the Central Highland sculpture campus 


... attended the weeding ceremony of H'mong people


... attending the brotherhood making ritual of M'nong people


... and visited the Southern floating market


.. watched the circus performance at the Square of Village II 


...excited with the products at the Exhibition of Trade villages and Hanoi eating and drinking 


... attended the exchange programs and Gong performance at Gia rai village 


 ...rows of motorbikes and cars of visitors on the way to Village to watch the Bay Nui bull race 



 Visitor and reporters, journalists in Bay Nui bull race 



 Visitors outside the main hall while the Inauguration ceremony was being held 


Several Buddhists came and waited to enter the main hall while the rite was occurring 


During the Festival Week, numberous visitors attended not only the event but also went sightseeing the Village. In these days, Cham Tower complex was always crowded with visitors


Students from Hanoi University of Industry visited Village and took photo at Khmer temples

H. Huyen (Photo: TTD)