Reproduce Mountainous villagerituals of La Hu people at Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

(LVH) - In the morning on 04/9/2015, the first time Mountainous village ritual was reproduced by La Hu people from Huoi Han Mountainous Village, Bum To Commune, Muong Te District, Lai Chau Province in house space of La Hu people, Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi). This is one of the activities to respond to celebrate National Day 2/9 at the "Common Home" of ethnic communities of Vietnam.

In the traditional concept of La Hu people, according to the elders narrated, which mountainous village having many people dead and natural disasters, all villagers of this mountainous village have to concentrate for the organization of Mountainous Village rituals in order to drive evil spirits away that the lives of all villagers are stable and prosperous.

The powwow and villagers conduct the Mountainous Village rituals in a large ground that was determined to be the top of the mountainous village by the villagers

The offerings prepared Mountainous Village rituals include: piglet, rooster, ordinary rice, white wine, white threat, silver rings, chicken feathers, pig feathers and items such as bamboo tray, banana leaves, bamboo culinder...
In the morning, the powwow and villagers prepare offerings to bring to large ground in order to carry out the rituals. The powwow guides people ordering offerings. Living offerings at first, the powwow prays to call the ghost to witness the preparation for rituals of villagers: “Today is a good day; bad ghosts all over the mountainous village come here, good ghosts do not come; we brought chickens, pigs and complete offerings for you eating ...”

The powwow and villagers eat remaining foods before going home

Then the powwow tells the villagers to focus on killing chickens and pigs and cook the foods before arranging into a cooked feast for rituals: “The bad ghosts come here, we cooked foods, please go away after eating, back to you have lived and do not come here to disturb us again …”.

Back to the mountainous village, villagers dance together

After inviting ghosts to eat then drive them away, the powwow throws all the foods on the tray of offerings, and then he tells people to eat the remaining food. All participants have to eat all the foods and drinks, cannot bring them back, and wash bowls and chopsticks because he fears that ghosts will follow if they smell the foods.

Delegates and visitors exchange the cuisinee with La Hu people

After the cleanup finished, people run quickly to mountainous village, the powwow goes last to protect the people, prevent bad ghost follow. Back to mountainous village, the people dance, sing together because from now their mountainous village has returned to be stable, the bad ghosts will not disturb any more.

Hai Yen