General introduction

Overview of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

► Project: Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
► Name in abbreviation: Vinaculto
► Investment location: Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi
► Total area: 1544 ha
► Managing agent: The Management Board of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
► Governing body: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
► Duration of the project: Indefinite

► Legal foundations: Approving Decision No. 667/QĐ-TTg dated August 21st, 1997 of the Prime Minister of Social Republic of Vietnam

► General Plan: In accordance with Decision No. 1689/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister dated September 15th, 2010 approving the adjustment of the general plan, Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is a diverse community with functional areas combined with culture, tourism services, leisure and entertainment.

► General infrastructure: Together with the ethnic villages, the general infrastructure of the project (main roads, parking, electricity and water system, vegetation…..) is constructed by the State budget.

► Objectives:
Building Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism into a national center of culture, sports and tourism activities where traditional cultural heritage of 54 Vietnamese ethnics can be kept and exploited; enhancing solidarity, mutual understanding, educating national pride and patriotism of Vietnamese citizens; strengthening friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange with other nations of the world; and meeting the needs of travelling, cultural and research activities of both Vietnamese and foreign tourists.”

Constructing a large-scale and synchronic center of tourism, services, leisure, entertainment and creating an attractive investment environment, exploiting the available advantages of cultural and natural resources in order to create the force for sustainable development;

Functional areas:
« The Villages of Ethnics: Total area of 198.61 ha with hills, valleys and water surfaces showing different ethnics allocating over the country.
« Culture and entertainment area: 125.22 ha located in the center of the Village, connecting the main gate and other functional areas. This is a modern, multi-functional and traditional center for entertaining and sporting activities.
« The World’s cultural heritage area: 46.50 ha, where all specific cultures of the world’s civilization are shown and introduced.
« Parks and rivers: 341.53 ha, in which 310.04 ha is water surface of Dong Mo lake and 31.49 ha is land on water. This is tourism area of Dong Mo Lake and the Gate B of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
« Vegetation and water surface area: 600.90 ha, this is the total water surface and landscapes of Dong Mo lake to be used for some suitable environmental activities for the protection of environment and sustainable development.
« General tourism services area: 138.89 ha, where all general tourism services and sports are available.
« Administration Office: 78.5 ha including administration office, houses for staffs, guesthouses for visitors and welcome hall for local and foreign visitors.

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